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Another noob asking where to start

SparePartSparePart Posts: 2
      Hello community, I have come to these web forums seeking guidance. I would like to create a small VR Disc Golf game for personal use on my Galaxy s8 and GearVR. I have in the past successfully created several maps using the Battlecraft MDK for Battlefield 1942 on PC. So I have some experience, although I am unsure at this point how much will relate to what I hope to create for the GearVR. At this point I am thinking of developing the game using Unity. I will also need to include the navigation controller in this build. My goal is to become familiar with using Unity and other tools required to piece together a functioning VR DiscGolf game. I plan to start small and keep my expectations low. Just 1 hole, 1 disc, on a small path, with the ability to manipulate the disc using the controller to change the flight path. I am hoping this community might be able to point me in the right direction on where I can go to start. Maybe a list of programs I will need and perhaps a walk through of the basics. I am also open to suggestions and tips.

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  • SparePartSparePart Posts: 2
    Thank you
  • dylan.stroud.731dylan.stroud.731 Posts: 1
    Are there any known templates for working with UI and menus for sketch? Or general recomendations when attempting proper spacing and relative sizes in VR?
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