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oculus joystick mapping

PsychoveilPsychoveil Posts: 1
edited April 2018 in Game Design
okay so this is hard to explain but i'll do the best I can. 

Whenever you turn your controller in a direction, the joystick mapping follows it. So, if you point your controller forward in skyrim and press forward on the joystick you go, of course, forward. however if you tilt your controller, or turn it facing a different direction, the joystick mapping follows it. This makes it so that your joystick forward is now right. 

In games like onward, where my controllers are always pointed forward thats okay. however in games like skyrim, where i wish to use sword fighting styles that require a tilted hand, such as joker stance, raven stance or even just a simple dual hand side stance, my left controller is facing behind me or to the left, making movement on the joysticks awkward and REALLY annoying as i move. I simply want my movement joystick to stay static forward backwards left and right no matter the position the joystick is facing. 
Is this possible?
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