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[Unity] Clipping through rigid walls when rotate in a certain angle

HoaxsHoaxs Posts: 1
First time posting here, I hope this is the correct place. I'm working on a student project using Unity and Oculus, I don't have a lot of experience with either but my game world is coming together. I'm using the SDK, plugins, and avatar from the Oculus dev section.

I've had one main issue that is causing me a bit of an issue when it comes to clipping.

The first was with stairs, using the locomotive function, with the snap rotation I seem to be clipping through objects that have rigid bodies. Depending on what the locomotive rotation is set to then altered using physical turning will affect how if I climb the stairs correctly or if I clip through half of the stairs before climbing. The same is now happening with the walls. If I turn one rotation and walk into a wall I don't collide with the wall until I'm halfway inside it, but if I turn myself 180 degrees with the right stick and physically turn my view I hit the wall like its meant to.

I have no idea what I'd google to find a solution to this, I can provide a diagram or video footage if what I've written doesn't make sense. 
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