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I'm having issues with the oculus not seeing my HDMI port

nathan.karoly.5nathan.karoly.5 Posts: 3
so I'm having issues with the HDMI connection with my oculus rift to my pc. I've restarted my pc and I've also uninstalled the oculus app and reinstalled the app having the same issue where it doesn't connect to the HDMI. I checked the connection between the headset and the pc and they're both plugged in all the way  


  • nathan.karoly.5nathan.karoly.5 Posts: 3
    i also forgot to state i do get an image of my pc screen through the headset but it still states that it's not seen on the oculus app nor can i get it to work through steam ether.
  • nathan.karoly.5nathan.karoly.5 Posts: 3
  • ParagunParagun Posts: 5
    Brain Burst
    have the same problem... odered a new cable. hope its only a defective cable
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