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How can i check if primaryhandtrigger is pressed?

Hello everyone,

Me and some friends are developing a new VR game where we are currently making a vr character enabled to use guns that he has on his body.
So far it works well, but the primaryindextrigger is a bit sketchy. So my question it, do you folks know any other way to check if the primaryindextrigger is pressed, other than checking to see if it's return float is bigger than something else? We are currently using it by checking i the float it returns is bigger than 0.17, which works okay, but sometimes bugs a bit. 

Hope you folks knows a solution to this or a workaround

Steffen Nielsen


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 830
    thats one way of doing it, and it should work ok though that threshold is pretty low so i could see some miss fires depending on the sensitivity of the touch triggers since that tends to vary slightly with each set. Try upping it to something like 0.8 to ensure the trigger pull is intentional and not just a hardware variance or accidental nudge
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