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I have a suggestion. about Gear VR Oculus Store(Home)

presco317presco317 Posts: 8
edited May 2018 in General Development
Hello developers. I am a Korean Gear VR user. We are having a wonderful experience. thanks to your service. Oculus Store is a very good market. But there are a few things that are bothering me, so I'll give you a message. There are a variety of contents in Oculus Store and they have a lot to enjoy, but I don't like it when I connect to a Gear VR connection terminal, the Oculus Home is forced to run automatically. It makes it impossible to use other external apps(Google Playstore). We don't want to buy another VR device because we don't have to pay them to use another VR apps which we purchased from Google Playstore or something, and we don't have to do that again. Do you know about the application called 'Package disabler Pro'? It prevents the Oculus app from running automatically when connected to the Gear VR. so that it can be used like a Google cardboard. However, Samsung has blocked this feature again. I don't know why, but I think may be it's illegal. However, some people are still trying to force the Oculus app to not run automatically. Even someone use android 'Rooting'(Super user). I don't think this is the right way. It can be very insecure, They can not use banking applications. I'm submitting this opinion because I believe that developers will be able to think about it and consider it. I have one external application I would love to use. This application is called 'TrinusVR', which allows PC games to be played with Gear VR by connecting PC and VR via usb. How wonderful is this experience? I don't want to waste by purchasing another vr device. It would be a little cumbersome to bring 'TrinusVRs' into Oculus. I'm a university student who wants to be a developer, and I'm concerned that coding and creating new systems can cause fatigue. But I just wanted to let you know the inconvenience. Thank you for reading the long message, and I would appreciate it if you could think about this proposal.


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