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How about a WW11 Anderson Shelter experience

EssexacdcEssexacdc Posts: 3
I am 67 years old and don't like very much the "shoot em up games"  I think it would not only be an experience for me and the young generation but, could also be a teaching tool as to how it was for ordinary people and children sitting in an Anderson shelter during an air raid in 1941 (and I don't mean the London underground).  You could start off with being in the living room of a house and on hearing the wail of the banshee (siren) have to run to the shelter in the back garden as the bombs start falling.  No electricity in the shelter just a couple of candles or if you had the money a hurricane lamp. I myself have only seen films and heard accounts from people who were there and what it was like but one cannot really understand until you have some sort of experience of the situation.  You will never be able to recreate the fear but the experience of what it was like would and could be a lesson not only for my generation but those that still have to come. 


  • rdmitchell1997rdmitchell1997 Posts: 54 Oculus Start Member
    Hi @Essexacdc,

    What an amazing idea I can totally see this working and could be an amazing experience to design and code.

    I don't have masses  of time on my hands currently due to juggling a few projects but I would love to take your idea and develop it a little further (if that is ok by you?)

    Thank you,

    Robert Mitchell

    Robert Mitchell

    Email: [email protected]
    Website: http://vr.port.ac.uk/
  • EssexacdcEssexacdc Posts: 3
    Hello Robert,  I have only just today found your response and answer.  It is a BIG yes for you to take the idea and develop it all you like just let me know when it is ready to buy.  Thanks again, Les.
  • BuwubiBuwubi Posts: 11 Oculus Start Member
    Hey @Essexacdc
    Sounds pretty cool, from a design perspective I would advise on skipping the intro where the player has to "run" to the shelter in the beginning simply because that adds a lot of work for a small benefit like:
     1. Modeling the intro area only to have it never be used again
     2. Coming up with a Locomotion safe way for people to actually run. (Unless we're solving it with the teleport function)

    Waking up already in the shelter and hearing the sirens and taking on the role of a kid who has to listen to the instructions of an adult on what to do and really focusing on the experience inside could save you a lot of time and money.

    This happened to me when I was 3, in 1995 in Zagreb. Had to hide from the rockets in a bunker. I've been having PTSD like reactions when loud airplanes fly over ever since. Took a girl to see the plane show for Blue Angels Week in SF once, didn't expect it to be that loud, could barely do anything from crippling fear and anxiety ha ha

    In any case, I dont actually remember anything of it but my mom does if you're interested in first-hand experiences of such events.
  • EssexacdcEssexacdc Posts: 3
    There is a film called Mrs Miniver with Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon that has an excellent scene in an Anderson shelter during an air raid directly above, if you haven’t seen it might give you a few ideas, it was made in 1942. I can remember my nan telling me (she lived in West London) that they would hear the sirens go off in the distance and that was the time to start moving.  As each district alerted then the sound got louder and louder until the one on her street went off. She said that after three months or so you just got used to it and that if you could hear the whistle as the bombs coming down then they weren’t for you, you just knew that they were very close.  It is said that it was the one you didn’t hear had you name on it and watching the world at war (the blitz) some people on there said the same. They survived and lived to tell the tale.  If you decide to take on the project then I wish you all the luck in the world….Happy brain power 😊 Les (essexacdc)     
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