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New Avatar Customization is not working in Unity3D Application.

rinkumpllcrinkumpllc Posts: 23
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the recent changes made via Oculus to update the Avatar skin and Customization is not showing in Unity3D application and we're all stuck with previous customized avatar having no way for new user to customize his/her avatar as the new customization doesn't show on the Unity and previous I'm not able to customize.
I've tried to update the Avatar SDK and still seeing the previous version Avatar not the new one.
Am I doing something wrong or is the Update still not available for Unity Application?
any help or suggestion will be appreciated.


  • tomotortomotor Posts: 16
    edited May 2018
    We are having the same problem. Looks like on the Gear/Go they deprecated Avatar SDK 1.24 before releasing 1.25 (which was perhaps released and withdrawn) or 1.26 which will be the one that supports the new avatars. Would be best for them to make changes to the new avatar on the Gear/Go Avatar Editor affect the legacy ones since they use the same models. 

    On the page it says

    "Updating your existing Avatars integration is easy. Just download and install next month’s Avatar SDK 1.26 release for Unity—we’ll be releasing to Unreal soon."

    1.26 is not out yet, and as for the Unreal release, it has been literally a year since the last update, so I hope that it does come out soon.

    Our app is on Unreal and we've had to DIY a lot of the Avatar integration on Gear so this upgrade is likely to be costly to us once its actually possible. It would be nice to be given a month or two in advance to make such changes.

    Again my hope is that they will just pipe the new avatar editor data in to the old avatars so that things work smoothly. That's not a perfect solution since some of the colors and materials are different, but that would be much better for us.
  • rinkumpllcrinkumpllc Posts: 23
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    Thanks for the info we're so looking for this.
  • TheCheerioTheCheerio Posts: 23 Oculus Start Member
    Any update here? Has anyone been able to integrate the new avatars (with colorful skins) into their application? 
  • TheCheerioTheCheerio Posts: 23 Oculus Start Member
    Got it, thanks. 

    So here's the situation right now:

    1) When a Gear/Go/Rift user opens the avatar editor with the latest oculus software, s/he can create their own "version 2" avatar with many colors.
    2) All apps currently using the avatarsdk will only show that user's "version 1" avatar. If a user has not set a "version 1" avatar (ie, user joined when "version 2" avatar editor was installed), their body will appear as the default white avatar when using an app using the avatarSDK
    3) Therefore the avatarSDK will not show any customization for new users (such as new Oculus Go buyers) until the new avatars sdk comes out.

    @imperativity Can you please confirm that this is the case? No worries, I understand these things take time, I just want to make sure I'm aware of what's going on. Thank you!!

    Team Cheerio

  • rinkumpllcrinkumpllc Posts: 23
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    @TheCheerio Yeah I guess that is the case so far.
    So Now with the latest Avatar SDK which is released i.e 1.26 they say the new updated Avatar support is added.
    Now I've updated the Oculus utility and Avatar SDK but still the not able to see the updated Avatar.
    Is there anything I need to know.
  • rinkumpllcrinkumpllc Posts: 23
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    Don't know what happen but now I can see the New Avatar are loading Weird
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