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Can uninstall a build (Oculus Go)

jesparchaosjesparchaos Posts: 1
I have created 3 apps with for testing. I could not figure out how to uninstall this app so I went to the website amd deleted the app. Now it is no longer viewable in the Oculus Go.... until I look into the unknown sources section. All 3 apps are still there and can be run. How do I delete the games from there?


  • jasteinermanjasteinerman Posts: 6
    I'm trying to figure this out too. adb uninstall doesnt work
  • hiramanihiramani Posts: 1
    It worked! Thanks
  • brian.hagenbrian.hagen Posts: 1
    edited May 29
    I'm trying to do the same thing.. but i don't see my APK listed when I run that command. At least nothing with the same filename as my APK.

    NEVERMIND: Found it
  • maraldmarald Posts: 1 Oculus Start Member
    Thx @vr_marco, this was very useful info!
  • MattyBee88MattyBee88 Posts: 1
    i downloaded an apk and it wont show in the unknown sources but when i try to download it again it ays error already dowloaded? 

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