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Pairing multiple devices to one phone that run simultaneously

NTMichStNTMichSt Posts: 1
Hi All,
We are developing a software on Oculus go and need to NOT have each device paired to one phone. Ideally we would have a master phone app (admin) that talks to many devices at once.

Is this possible?


  • bendrucebendruce Posts: 2
    Hey there. I'm in a similar boat but looking at taking a slightly different approach. I've got 40 units that I'm giving out to 40 different users. I've been talking to support about setting up multiple developer accounts that we assign to each Oculus Go. After I install the content I would then hand these credentials over to eventual owner of the Oculus Go. When they get the unit they then download the app, log-in with the credentials I provide and then pair their phone to the headset. 
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