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Error when I do not include an App ID for Oculus Rift, though I am only developing for GO.

SuperrodanSuperrodan Posts: 2
Hey there,

I'm developing an app for Oculus Go in Unity 2018.1.0f2.

I have been having a lot of trouble getting the entitlement checking to work, and the most recent issue is that I have Oculus Platform Settings asking for both an Oculus Rift App ID and a Gear VR App Id. I assumed that I would not need to enter a Rift ID, as I am only developing for GO. However, when I leave Oculus Rift App ID blank, I'm getting the following error:

UnityException: Update your app id by selecting 'Oculus Platform' -> 'Edit Settings'
Oculus.Platform.Core.getAppID (System.String appId) (at assets/Oculus/Platform/Scripts/Platform.cs:37)
Oculus.Platform.Core.AsyncInitialize (System.String appId) (at assets/Oculus/Platform/Scripts/Platform.cs:62)
AppEntitlementCheck.Awake () (at assets/Oculus/AppEntitlementCheck.cs:10)
AppEntitlementCheck:Awake() (at assets/Oculus/AppEntitlementCheck.cs:16)

To bypass this error, I tried to enter the app id into the rift section as well. Instead of the above error, I received an error related to a missing dll. I have looked into this, and the dll seems to be something that is specifically used by only the Rift and installed with the Rift software. I am installing that now in hopes to get past this point, but I feel like it should not be necessary to install Rift software to use the GO.

Must I fill in that field? Is something else causing that particular error? If so, how can I resolve this? Or do I need to install the Rift software?


(As a side note, I posted this to the Unity forum before I noticed that there was a forum specifically for answers. If a mod would like to delete it, I'd be appreciative)
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