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Technical Review Test Results VRC.Mobile.Functional.10

IlanbpsIlanbps Posts: 4

I would like to understand what the problem is, I have just been denied my application on the grounds that IUs are too close to the user. I have corrected the distance of the UI twice, currently it looks exactly like the menu that can be found on the Home of the GearVR. Message said :

Unable to test due to a progression blocker. On the S7 Edge and S8. The whole app experience seems zoomed close to the users face. Making the user cross eyed and unable to test. The app seems to be in a headlock state as well.

And the  VRC.Mobile.Functional.10 overview are
  • Headlocked menus and UI elements are generally uncomfortable for the user and should be avoided.
Sorry but the Home menu of Oculus is exactly same of this a Headblocked menu and UI elements no ?

Somebody can Advise how to correct this ? we have tested app with some user and customer, and none have problem with UI, a mobile and Cardboard app is already published on Android and IOS store.

How to correct something so subjective ?

Some screenshot from unity editor with scale at 1:


Thanks for clarification and help



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