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Create alternative browser for Oculus Go

lazerlexlazerlex Posts: 1
I'm a product designer and mobile developer, I'm newer to VR development though. I've been trying to find any assets/documentation/tutorials on how to create a browser type application for mobile VR. I want to make a minimalist browser that is primarily for media viewing (youtube, amazon, netflix, etc).  

Wanting the browser to be treated like a desktop environment--stream netflix from web, etc. (currently from Oculus browser it defaults to mobile and wants you to download netflix app, then says you need silverlight/html5 if you go to desktop view).

I don't see alternate browsers on the store though--so maybe this isn't possible or allowed? And maybe silverlight/html5 support isn't possible?

Any insight or direction would be really helpful. Thanks!


  • Mbaril010Mbaril010 Posts: 1
    Hey lazerlex

    Have you been able to find anything to help you create that alternatives browser ? Im also looking to create one. I would like to be able to have multiple tab open at the same time. :smile:
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