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Oculus button stops steam apps

FreshAvocatoFreshAvocato Posts: 4
I have both BeatSaber and SkyrimVR on Steam, and both apps run fine when I enable the "Allow unknown source" option in the settings. However, pressing the Oculus button, the menu button on the right Touch controller, sends me to the normal pause menu. The problem is, trying to return to the app gives me an "allow unknown source" message, and Oculus refuses to run any apps until I completely restart the Oculus. It is frustrating to have a button on the controller simply cause apps to stop working, is there a way to fix this?


  • FreshAvocatoFreshAvocato Posts: 4
    And I do have the SteamVr app, it does nothing to help and encounters the same problem when the Oculus button is pressed.
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