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Any health risks?

Razor13Razor13 Posts: 2
I am 14 and I am kind of worried about the health risks. Will my eyes be negatively affected? Will my brain be negatively affected? Would appreciate help!


  • BuwubiBuwubi Posts: 11 Oculus Start Member

    No research has been shown that VR has long term negative effects on your health, however, different people have different reactions. If you start to feel sick, a headache or experience eye soreness, take off the headset and take a break. If you have a history of epileptic seizures I'd recommend steering clear of VR, simply because a lot of indie developers don't include flashing lights warnings. If you don't generally feel bad while playing video games, you're good.

    Nothing will happen to your brain, altho care for zombies that want brainz.
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