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Anyone figured out how to active in-game recording for your app with the Go?

CoreyRyanDeanCoreyRyanDean Posts: 1
So I've been developing in unity and wanted to capture a video for my friends but when I went to start a recording inside the Go, it stopped as soon as I launched my app. Any ideas?


  • stevehinanstevehinan Posts: 159
    Hi @CoreyRyanDean,
    I had a similar problem that I solved by turning off 'Protect Graphics Memory' in Unity's player settings: Other settings.  Please note that I have not tested this recently on the Go.
  • vr_marcovr_marco Posts: 39 Oculus Start Member
    I found that if you start your application, then go back to the Oculus Home (which pauses it), start the screen recording and then resume your application, you are able to get a recording of it.
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