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Unreal & GO: how to get exposure / change of lights working?

MaxArchMaxArch Posts: 184 Oculus Start Member
I'm testing an Archviz project on the GO. Its an outside, inside experience. Problem is: the PostProcessVolumes / exposure settings don't work. In the official documents by Unreal, you can read the Exposure Bias should work. https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-us/Platforms/GearVR/BestPractices
No response on their forums though. Any suggestions how to get the exposure working (or a way to control the light when going inside a house?).



  • MaxArchMaxArch Posts: 184 Oculus Start Member
    @imperativity I'm using 4.19.2 from the launcher. Thanks to @marco_vr I found out the exposure compensation does work but you need to enable Mobile HDR (and disable Mobile Multi View). This results in a performance loss of 25% or more. In the end I choose to disable Mobile HDR, enable Mobile Multi View again and just put some extra static lights inside so they will be baked with Lightmass. A nice workaround that saves me 15 fps or more.
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