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Updating Oculus app to latest SDK...

LastBlowLastBlow Posts: 15

Windows 10 Fall Update, Visual Studio 2015 Debug, x64 app and OS, SDK 1.25.0, DK2

Been updating an Oculus app to the latest SDK and getting the error C2039 'HmdToEyeOffset':
is not a member of 'ovrViewScaleDesc_'

Has HmdToEyeOffset been replaced and by what, please?

Thank you! ;-)))


  • LastBlowLastBlow Posts: 15
    edited July 2018
    Hope it can help someone who is updating their SDK...

    The member HmdToEyeOffset has been replaced in "OVR_CAPI_Util.h" by the structure member const ovrPosef HmdToEyePose[2], defined in "OVR_CAPI.h":

        typedef struct OVR_ALIGNAS(4) ovrPosef_ {
           ovrQuatf Orientation;
           ovrVector3f Position;
         } ovrPosef;


        m_hmdToEyeOffset[0] = m_eyeRenderDesc[0].HmdToEyeOffset;
        m_hmdToEyeOffset[1] = m_eyeRenderDesc[1].HmdToEyeOffset;

    effectively becoming:

        m_hmdToEyeOffset[0] = m_eyeRenderDesc[0].HmdToEyePose.Position;
        m_hmdToEyeOffset[1] = m_eyeRenderDesc[1].HmdToEyePose.Position;

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