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Measurement of luminance of Rift displays

TomStonyTomStony Posts: 1

I need to perform tests on how subjects react to different luminance levels while wearing the Oculus Rift. To do so, other experimenters with different systems need to reproduce the same luminance levels with my Unity scene and the Rift.
First of all, do you have clues which are the components in the pipeline the resulting display luminance depends on (Unity scene, Graphics driver settings, Rift settings (f.e. persistence ?) etc.) and how I can make sure it's all the same on different systems using the same Rift?

And then more importantly, does someone have advice on how I can measure the resulting luminance level in cd/m2? So basically which hardware luminance meters are suitable for the small Rift displays?

Best regards,


  • ozaslankozaslank Posts: 1
    Hi Tom,

    Did you figure it out, because i'm also looking for this?
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