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[Unity][Rift]LocalAvatar not showing in app submission build

Hi There,

I've submitted the app to the store(Currently still under review).
For some reason when I downloaded from the oculus desktop app, my local avatar is not showing and controller as well.
I developed the app in
Unity v2017.3.1f1, Oculus Utilities v1.25.1, OVRPlugin v1.25.0, SDK v1.26.0

I have tried the follow:
-Included the 3+ shaders and build in x86_x64.
-Added the platform manager code.
using UnityEngine;
using Oculus.Avatar;
using Oculus.Platform;
using Oculus.Platform.Models;
using System.Collections;

public class PlatformManager : MonoBehaviour {
 public OvrAvatar myAvatar;
 void Awake () {
 Oculus.Platform.Request.RunCallbacks(); //avoids race condition with OvrAvatar.cs
 private void GetLoggedInUserCallback(Message message) {
 if (!message.IsError) {
 myAvatar.oculusUserID = message.Data.ID;

-added an Oculus App ID in both the Oculus Platform and the Oculus Avatars settings.
-Provided test accounts on Unity Editor

And yet it still not showing on the submission application.

See it does show the ID number on Unity editor and shows the correct avatar.
On local build it turns the default blue avatar.
On Submitted app both controllers and avatar disappear.

I am confused and lost now, looking everywhere doesn't help me in anything.

Please help.

Thank you.
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