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Release channel builds not appearing in library

rupertrupert Posts: 39
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I added an alpha build for my app, registered myself as a test user, and could immediately see the app in Navigate > Library > Not installed on my Go.

I added a colleague using the same process, but the app was not listed on his Go. He eventually found it by searching for the app name in Navigate > Search.

Am I missing a trick?


  • vromerodfvromerodf Posts: 5
    Howdy! We are experiencing the same issue, although Navigate > Search does not work either. The account has the preview app enabled, but it does not appear in the Go app library.
  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 3,465 Oculus Staff

    Can you make sure that your colleague received an invitation email and confirmed his intent to join your release channel?

    If he has, and it still doesn't show up in his preview apps, could your colleague force a refresh of the cache by logging out and back in of the oculus store app on his phone?
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  • rupertrupert Posts: 39
    Brain Burst
    @imperativity they definitely accepted because they moved from Pending in my list. We rebooted the headset, but I didn't think to refresh the phone account. Will report back.
  • kimley-hornVRkimley-hornVR Posts: 3
    We are having the same issue here. We published with UE4.21.3. I am the only user able to see the alpha build in my preview apps. Any help is appreciated. It seems like there are a few threads on this issue but no resolution. 

  • Thunderbox.EntThunderbox.Ent Posts: 17 Oculus Start Member
    edited November 7
    We are seeing the same thing. I can see our app in my GO, but not on the Oculus app on my phone. I tried loggin out of my phone app, but no dice. Weirdly, it shows up in my Gear VR App. Any suggestions as to what to do, @imperativity?
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