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How to create connection between Oculus GO and an Android device trough Unity app?

NicoleSzNicoleSz Posts: 2
I'm trying to develop an app for Oculus GO, that would send some data to an Android device.
Also, I need to be able to open the app's first scene (restart app) through the Android device.
I am thinking about using Unity offline multiplayer using Unity's Network Discovery component, but am not sure if it's the right direction.

What are the possibilities? What is the best way to do that?
How can I make it work?


  • NicoleSzNicoleSz Posts: 2

    Thank you for your quick response.

    My use case is as follows:
    Let's say the app consists of something like cutscenes played one after another.
    A user starts the Unity app on Oculus Go. Now, another person starts the Unity app on their phone/tablet. As one presses a "start" button on the phone, the first cutscene begins to play on the Oculus. On the phone, the person should know where the user is (for example by text "cutscene2").

    I know that using Unity offline multiplayer it is possible to connect two android devices. How is it with vr, especially Oculus GO, which is our target device?
  • lsummerslsummers Posts: 17 Oculus Start Member
    You can definitely use Unity Multiplayer if you want to transmit data between two devices.  However, if you are are connecting offline and outside of the multiplayer servers, then there isn't much point.  In which case, you may as well as just connect direct to each other over IP.  Or use a sharing service such as PlayCanvas.  Or another multiplayer sub-engine (Photon, and Forge, for example).  But yes, you either need to manually connect device A to device B over IP.  Or use a third-party service to "connect to" and initiate a path of communication between devices.

    This is more of a how to use multiplayer on Unity than anything Oculus specific imo.  So, I'd recommend grabbing a tea and watch a multiplayer tutorial on youtube or the multiplayer tutorials on the unity page :)
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