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About Getting Oculus User Infomation.

AnnaKang77AnnaKang77 Posts: 4
edited May 2018 in Platform SDK Development
I am developing OculusGo VR App with Unity. 
In App developed with OculusGo VR, GetLoggedInUser () was able to get User information. 
Is there a way to get information from Oculus User when I develop a common 2D Android app with Unity? 
For example, do you have logic that returns the information of the logged-in user when you log in to your Oculus account by calling a specific web address?
If you have that logic, I want to get information from that logic. (Such as UserID, OculusID, or OrgScopedID)



  • Tsaukpaetra.timefireTsaukpaetra.timefire Posts: 2
    This type of behavior is not generally supported. If you already were to possess the user's id, you could make S2S calls with your app secret to get the rest of that user's information.
    I'm actually (trying to) scour the docs for these calls. At best, I can call /me with the token and get an oculus ID, but it doesn't appear to have the name or anything, and docs are not really pointing me to S2S endpoints at all.

    This was brought up in a team meeting where users should implicitly have their name pre-filled out in character creation, but don't due to how the tokens and server validation currently work.
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