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Avatar SDK and standards for Oculus Development: index finger

For Oculus Dash home I see that if you use your Index finger the ray is coming out from it and you can use it to point at objects and etc.
Is this a standard Oculus PC Developers should follow developing Touch Controller interface ?
It took me a while to figure out how to start the raycast from Avatar hand, now I need to figure out how to start raycasting when the index finger is used as a pointer.
Is there any plan for Avatar SDK to release some kind of clear example for Developers for using raycast with Avatar SDK and index finger just like in Oculus Dash home ?
Is the source code for Oculus Dash home available for Unity 3D ? At least this would give Developers some good starting point.
Is Oculus Dash home using Avatar SDK ?

 Thank you,



  • alexvilchalexvilch Posts: 38
    Brain Burst
    VRTK does not support hand model.

    I'm confused I thought the intent of Avatar SDK was to setup some standards for Oculus Touch interface but now looks like Oculus Dash is NOT using Avatar SDK...

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