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Connection between oculus go and my android app

skifonerskifoner Posts: 1
Hello everyone.
My use-case: I need to connect my oculus go and my android application using wifi. After that I am planning to stream video content from the android application to oculus go.
If that is not possible - I want to connect the devices using bluetooth and send some data between them.
Question: Is the described use-case possible? Because I can't seem to find a way to connect oculus go to android application. Tried samples which were developed for android - they don't seem to work on oculus go or I might be doing something wrong. I would really appreciate any samples.


  • hacarohacaro Posts: 7 Oculus Start Member
    Hey, i've exactly the same request of skifoner. Our app (made in Unity) consist in a Server App (remote controller), and Client Apps (Player) it, use bluetooth to send Play, Pause and Stop commands to the clients in order to play 360 videos.

    Thanks in advance and Best Regards
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