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Launch Oculus or Samsung browser from within a Gear VR app

avivhodavivhod Posts: 4
Dear all
I searched a bit and didn't find an answer, so if someone already asked, please lead me to it.
When I am in my unity based app, I want to be able to launch a link to any site, but make it launch in the Oculus or Samsung browser while still with my goggles on.
When exiting the browser, I want to be back in my app.
The browser should launch in 2D mode, and continue so, unless the user goes stereoscopic.

Can this be done?



  • avivhodavivhod Posts: 4
    Thank you for this answer.
    We will be waiting, then.

  • juscelino.tjuscelino.t Posts: 2
    Hi @imperativity,

    Does the Platform.ShareToFacebook work as deep-link? I need something like that but to launch the web browser to authenticate on services like Google or Dropbox.. even for Facebook.. do you have any suggestion on this?

  • juscelino.tjuscelino.t Posts: 2
    edited November 2018
    I just found a way to launch Oculus Browser and it is actually launching the URI I request:

    PackageManager manager = mContext.getPackageManager();
    try {
        Intent i = manager.getLaunchIntentForPackage("com.oculus.vrshell");
        i.putExtra("uri", url);
    } catch (ActivityNotFoundException e) {
    The only problem for cases like Google Services authentication, which opens an URI for launching an app, is that it is not actually launching the App. It seems that Oculus Browser gets the URI but it doesn't handle the behaviour itself. Do you think it is possible to add this feature on the Oculus Browser. It would be a amazing feature and we could create complete experiences in VR.

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