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Oculus Go doesn`t save granted usb permissions after reboot.

progressifffprogressifff Posts: 2
edited June 2018 in Oculus Go Development
Hi, I have a problem with usb permissions on Oculus Go. I plug in usb device via otg and then grant usb permissions. Without disconnecting usb device I reboot Oculus Go and then launch my application and it doesn`t have usb permission. But when reconnect usb device all is Ok: my application receives an android's action that device attached and it has permissions. I haven`t seen such problem on another devices - after rebooting permissions are there. How can I solve this problem? 


  • progressifffprogressifff Posts: 2
    Thanks for the answer. This problem occurs with any usb devices(for example usb flash drive), where Android device is in host mode.
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