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Selling a 360 Video for the Oculus Go/Developing a Video Player

ntavaresntavares Posts: 10
Hey Everyone,

I have a quick question, hopefully this is a good section to post in.

Is there a platform for selling 360 videos for the Oculus Go and GearVR or do I need to make my own application? I have read about using youtube and vimeo but these solutions seem to be a bit more tedious for the end user.

I have built a video player application but I don't see how it is efficient to re-invent the wheel here and there are issues with the new Oculus Go where it cannot playback the 4k video smoothly. The only working Oculus Go solution is to convert the video to 1080p, which looks awful, to get it to run at any useful playable frame rate. (I'm thinking the hardware is not as powerful in the Go as it is on the newer mobile phones)

Everything about the application I built works fine on the GearVR. So does anyone have a way to get paid 360 content out there for Go/GearVR users? If not, does anyone have any thoughts on how to get the Oculus Go to playback 4k 360 from a Unity based vr application?

Thank you for your time.


  • CoolGamesNetCoolGamesNet Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    Again, answering old questions for those who came looking for answers.
    I got my Oculus Go July 2018.

    Skybox Beta is now able to do 4K videos from Youtube that are downloaded using 4K Download.
    Send the Skybox developer an email to get added to the development channel and access to beta.
    Well worth the time to check out !

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    Favoring Open Source -> Ubuntu Studio 18.10 for
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