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How to Orient Player in a Real Room Model

JSW97JSW97 Posts: 6
edited June 2018 in Game Design

I made a true model of my work space using Sketchup and exact measurements of my room and then imported it as an .obj into Unity.  I've been using Oculus's standard assets to create my game.  I have the player controller prefab centered in the room, and the scale of things looks to be really close to correct.

My issue is in getting the initial position and rotation of the player controller exactly correct.  The room is slightly off-rot, and slightly out of position, and the player seems to be slightly too tall.  Does anyone have any tips for fixing these issues in a precise way?

Thanks everybody


  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 3,587 Valuable Player

    Welcome to the Oculus Developer Forums.

    I noticed this is a DK2 development environment. I don't have any general guidance or best practices to help you nail down this issue as the CV1 has a bit more adjust-ability when it comes to use cases like this.

    This may be a case of the unit not being compatible with the latest versions of software and game engine code. I'll leave this post here for the off chance another developer is in a similar spot with regards to this issue.
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