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Oculus Go: Access to app storage space

sourcenitysourcenity Posts: 11 Oculus Start Member

I have an app, sideloaded to a Go (in dev mode). From the app, I have access to the apps internal storage space location (which is at /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/<packageName>/files/ as expected from other Android devices). So far, so good.

Unfortunately, I cannot see this folder when connecting via Windows Explorer/USB to the device. I can see the Android and data folders, but not the <packageName> folder. I know it is there, because I cannot create a new folder with the same name, but I can't open it (not even when entering the folder name directly).

I assume this is some sort of security feature? I would really like to access the app folder from the PC to make changes. Is there any way to do this? Thanks.



  • sourcenitysourcenity Posts: 11 Oculus Start Member
    Me again,

    If anyone runs into this issue: A reboot of the Go solves this issue. Apparently this is an unfortunate side effect of the MTP protocol which only shows files and folders it has "knowledge of", which, apparently, it did not in this case.

    Problem solved.

  • j.stapelfeldtj.stapelfeldt Posts: 1
    Is there a way to force the issue and have the generated output files directly show in an explorer without restarting the Go?

    Thanks in advance!
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