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How do I get the Mirror sample to start working?

I am trying to better understand the provided Mirror sample in order to figure out how to render the Avatar hand and controller models using OpenGL and Native C++. However, I haven't been able to run the generated executable Mirror.exe to see how it works. I am using Visual Studio 2017, so I updated generate_projects.cmd accordingly to this:
@cmake -G "Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64" -H. -BVS2013

And this correctly generates the Mirror.exe file. However, when I try to run it, a blank white window pops up with the text "Mirror startup error: Failed to open shader files", along with the following details from the debug window:

GetSignatureToken get_signature error: OVR6139226: Missing entitlement for [APP_ID] (1971031)

GetUserID failed: OVR35993423: Must call get_signature first (1971051)

OAF response error [WindowsPlatform::GetGKValue]: OVRxxx: Must call get_signature first (1971051)

Failed to fetch FBNS credentials from OAF: OVRxxx: Must call get_signature first (1971051)

requestOafRoomUpdate response error: OVRxxx: Must call get_signature first (1971051)

requestOafLaunchDetailsUpdate response error: OVRxxx: Must call get_signature first (1971051)

Failed to set FBNS credentials: OVRxxx: Must call get_signature first (1971051)

I have tried creating a new app under my account and changing the default mirror sample app id to the new one, but the same error still pops up. It would be helpful to get a possible solution to this problem, a functioning Mirror.exe, or even just a video showing off the the sample's functionality. Any help would be appreciated!


  • zhouizhoui Posts: 3
    @imperativity I am using the latest version of the Avatar SDK (1.26.0). I actually managed to solve the problem; turns out one of the shader files was missing from the directory containing Mirror.exe (AvatarFragmentShader_CombinedMesh.glsl), so the program could not find it. After copy-pasting the missing file from ReferenceShaders, the sample started working properly.
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