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Why does my Oculus Rift keep shutting down and giving me the red light?

LickableLocoCocoLickableLocoCoco Posts: 1
I've had my rift ever since Christmas of 2017, but now up till today. My rift has been acting strangely and mainly worrying me. I was playing a few steamvr games for an estimated 20 hours and before I know it, my headset blacks out and its been showing a red light where it detects if there is a face or not. I unplugged both entrances for the HDMI and also the USB in the back of my computer for my headset. I tried restarting my pc and I tried looking in the assistance page but my computer doesn't even notice that the headset is connected and I can't find it anywhere in my device manager or sound settings as a device. All 3 of my sensors and controllers show up but my controllers show up as off which isn't much of a priority in my eyes. Can someone tell me if this is an overheating issue, compatibility issue, or if there is something wrong with the hardware of my Rift? Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you


  • wirelitesoft.devwirelitesoft.dev Posts: 181 Oculus Start Member
    that could be a faulty wire. try buying a new headset wire if not send ur oculus headset for repairs?
  • wirelitesoft.devwirelitesoft.dev Posts: 181 Oculus Start Member
    btw 20 hours in vr is way too long and can cause you to be very disoriented. don't do that lol
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