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VRMark has just been released for Android. Compare perf levels on dev & user devices.

This is going to be huge for developers troubleshooting performance & overheating issues on users' smartphones, for several reasons.
  • One of the biggest frustrations in Gear VR development since the first user product has been the unexpectedly lower perf headroom on user devices. It's frustratingly common for users to experience overheating much quicker on their phones than on the developer's test device. This benchmark can be a critical acid test for establishing a user device's baseline performance. Getting the values are as easy for the user as installing & running a standard Android app. A significantly lower value is a dead giveaway for some errant BG process or app eating the user's valuable system resources.
  • This benchmark may also be useful for devs with limited resources i.e. access to only one or two phones. A dev may conceivably design their titles to perform at a percentage CPU/GPU time proportional to the performance difference between their device and other Gear VR ready phones.
S7 Exynos Nougat. 2017 Gear VR. Public test channel.
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