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Documentation update for VrApi

The documentation is out-of-date with respect to the API. This code sample...
ovrInputCapabilityHeader capsHeader;
if ( vrapi_EnumerateInputDevices( ovrContext, 0, &capsHeader ) >= 0 )
   if ( capsHeader.Type == ovrControllerType_TrackedRemote )
      ovrInputTrackedRemoteCapabilities remoteCaps;
      if ( vrapi_GetInputDeviceCapabilities( ovr, &remoteCaps.Header ) >= 0 )
            // remote is connected
...is missing the setting of the header specified in VrApi_Input.h before calling vrapi_GetInputDeviceCapabilities:
remoteCaps.Header = capsHeader;


  • rupertrupert Posts: 47
    Brain Burst
    While we're at it: I think ovrContext and ovr are both the same ovrMobile* and the variable names should be the same to avoid confusion.
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