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[Bug Report] unresolved references in OVRPlugin.cs when building on Mac

citizen12citizen12 Posts: 23 Oculus Start Member
Oculus Utility SDK Version: 1.27.0
Oculus SDK version: 1.24.0
Unity Version: 2018.1.7

OVRPlugin.cs is not correctly checking for scenario where XR is not supported.  I have a project that was created on my PC with Oculus Rift.  Works as expected on PC.  However, on my MacBook Pro, OVRPlugin.cs fails to build in the Unity Editor due to (6) unresolved references to OVRP_1_15_0 and OVRP_1_21_0.  The references are unresolved because Mac does not support OVR and OVRPLUGIN_UNSUPPORTED_PLATFORM is true.

Recommended solution:
Fix OVRPlugin.cs to correctly use  OVRPLUGIN_UNSUPPORTED_PLATFORM and add unsupported platforms to test matrix to avoid regression.
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