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Lightweight Virtual Reality Render Pipeline 2nd Camera Support

ki7aki7a Posts: 42 Oculus Start Member
I migrated to Lightweight Virtual Reality Render Pipeline after some digging everything seems to work. one issue, for now, is that I've used the 2nd camera and now is not rendering. The 1st camera is rendering my close objects (player), and the 2nd is for far objects (enviorment). It is important since my player is traveling more than 30km in unity space system and after long travell everything become mostly shaky on the close camera range. using 2 camera solved my issue, and worked great on Gear VR. Now with the new pipeline,e it's not. anyone got an idea how to overcome this? 


  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 3,587 Valuable Player

    It is not easy to diagnose this issue without knowing more about your development platform.

    Do you have log files from when this occurs? As this is a Unity feature that is not necessarily exclusive to VR development, it may be helpful to reach out to Unity and see if this is being tracked in their bug tracker or if anyone on their forums knows of issues with the LVRRP.
  • ki7aki7a Posts: 42 Oculus Start Member
    Thanks! I will try with bug tracker since I've already asked this question in the forum and no answer till now...
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