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Discounted motion of virtual camera in Unity 2017.3 when moving Rift CV1

woods.van.ranxiwoods.van.ranxi Posts: 5
edited July 2018 in Unity Development
Hi, I'm using the Rift CV1 to build a flight simulation game based on Unity 2017.3. But a problem haunts me for a long time, that I move my headset 1 meter forward while the camera in the unity scene only move around 0.3 meter, how to scale the positional tracking to match the motion of camera in unity to the motion in real world?
The Oculus SDK in my unity project is 1.18.1


  • woods.van.ranxiwoods.van.ranxi Posts: 5
    Oh, Great !
    Amplifying the motion of VR camera through changing the transform of its parent solves my issue perfectly. Thanks!
    I thought there was some parameters that control the extent of motion.
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