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Anybody had any luck with Unity InputField Component in World Space Canvas?

cloud_canvascloud_canvas Posts: 67
Hiro Protagonist
Hi all,

I've been using the Weelco VR Keyboard asset to do text input for operations like signing up and logging in to my company's app. After getting persistent and logical feature requests for a caret, mid-string editing, and character limits etc, I discovered InputField Component in Unity's stock UI tool set. Specifically I'm using the TextMeshPro variant, but in general I'm just wondering if anyone has been successfully working with a similar tech stack. I'm up against mashing together the TextMeshPro Input Field, with the Weelco VR Keyboard(s) and Auth system, and a custom reticle/laser pointer/event execution system. So I've got lots of little quirks to squash in my retrofit, like:
  • the text selection behavior disabling when my reticle leaves the canvas
  • I cannot see the caret
  • I can't click into the string and edit it arbitrarily from the center
Anyone else built a login for your Gear/Go app that connects to some sort of account backend? What'd you use?
Samsung Galaxy S8 (Snapdragon 835), Gear VR (2017), Oculus Go (64GB), Unity 2018.3.14f1


  • lostsomfanlostsomfan Posts: 7
    Got same problem, did you solve it? Works fine in Rift with controllers but doesnt work with Go controller, it kinda double clicks away "Focused" on inputfields
  • TobiWoVRTobiWoVR Posts: 2
    edited October 2019
    Hey, we are facing the exact same Problem on Oculus Quest and Go... We really need it for Login functionality. It's a hassle to delete whole email adresse and enter it again when theres a typo/mistake in the middle.
    Caret and mid-string editing working with mouse in editor but not possible in VR :-/ 
    Did anybody find a solution to this?
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