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Making UnityWebRequest in C# script works on Rift but not on Go

Chawker21Chawker21 Posts: 4
I have a Unity App that I am building where I make a web request to retrieve textures from a server.  I use UnityWebRequest and I have everything working in the development project where I am testing it with oculus Rift.  I have included a progress bar when it makes the request so I can see that it is doing something but when I download the APK to oculus go and make the request it does nothing, it doesnt get past the UnityWebRequest because the progress bar canvas never appears.  I do not know how I can debug the issue, I have no error that I know of, it just seems to never move forward in the script.  Any Ideas on what I can do?


  • TonyTheGeekTonyTheGeek Posts: 1
    Have you requested internet permission in the apk? 
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Moving to developer forum.
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  • Chawker21Chawker21 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the Suggestion TonyTheGeek, After looking in the AndroidManifest It shows that access is given for INTERNET.  It was automatically generated by unity, If somehow this was an issue I think it would ask me for permission in the app, I know when I first install it it asks me to allow the microphone to be used.  Thanks again for your suggestion though, I did not know about the manifest and it may help me in the future now that I am aware of it.
  • Chawker21Chawker21 Posts: 4
    Another question, is there any kind of log that I can retrieve from the oculus Go that may have errors or warnings from the App?
  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 3,587 Valuable Player

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  • Chawker21Chawker21 Posts: 4
    @imperativity thanks, that information is very useful.  I will see if I can track down my issue with it.
  • DanielOS96_SentirealDanielOS96_Sentireal Posts: 8
    Did you get this working? Im trying to do a simaler thing? And my doofer also says ONLINE allowed.
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