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Failed to start IAP error on LaunchCheckoutFlow()

Unity 2017.4.1f1 (specified in Supported Unity Versions
Platform SDK 1.24.0 (latest)

In LaunchCheckoutFlowCallback I got Message<Purchase> with IsError=true
Full error data: 
Code: 1 
HttpCode: -1 
Message: 'OVR77152342: Failed to start IAP: OVR60915022 (1971005)'

sku 100% correct
Test-user payment method specified (Always succeeds - 4111 1177 1155 2927, Exp.month: 10, Exp.year:20, CVV2: 111, Country: United Kingdom)
Organization payment method specified
Initialization done
Entitlement check done
IAP.GetProductsBySKU(SKUS); - works correct and returns expected values

What I'm doing wrong?  :(


  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 3,491 Oculus Staff

    I looked up the second OVR error #60915022 and received the following error information associated with it:

    • Software\OculusSDK\PC\OAF\liboaf\LifeCycle\LifeCycleManager.cpp(1705) : Home is not ready. (1971005) OVR60915022
    • Software\OculusSDK\PC\OAF\liboaf\LifeCycle\LifeCycleManager.cpp(3210) : Failed to start inviting users: OVR60915022 (1971005) OVR73372384

    Can you confirm that you have the Oculus runtime installed?

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    Yes, I have Oculus runtime installed. 
    Entitlement check works, and I can access test-user information.
    Also IAP.GetProductsBySKU(SKUS); - works correct and returns expected values
    It's an offline problem, because when I disable internet access right before calling LaunchCheckoutFlow() it still returns the same error as before.
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