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Oculus Avatars hands animations on a full body avatar?

mrgreen72mrgreen72 Posts: 683
I’ve implemented a full body avatar using Final IK in my prototype and while the results are beyond my expectations so far, it’s missing hands animations.

So I was wondering if there was a way to use the awesome Oculus Avatar hand animations on a standard humanoid rig?


  • mrgreen72mrgreen72 Posts: 683
    Is there any way to get your hands models and animations? 

    I'm probably just dense but everything seems to be "hidden" into external libs. (DLL's)
  • owenwpowenwp Posts: 676 Oculus Start Member
    In the Oculus Unity Sample Package there is a scene where they use the avatar hand animations on a custom mesh. I haven't looked at it closely, but I am guessing you get the bone transforms in a script.
    Sanzaru - Programmer
  • mrgreen72mrgreen72 Posts: 683
    Found it thanks!

    No idea how I can retarget those animations on the hands of an humanoid rig or if it’s even possible though. I’ll keep digging!
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