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(Solved) Oculus Go Back button not working in 4.20 Oculus source build SDK 1.27

aussieburgerVRaussieburgerVR Posts: 215 Oculus Start Member
edited August 2018 in Unreal Development
Hi I can't seem to get the Oculus Go Back button to work in the 1.27 SDK version of the Oculus 4.20 branch ,ie exactly the latest release:

Combinations that are working:
* Oculus Go back button is working correctly in the 4.19 Oculus source branch with SDK 1.27 so seems to be 4.20 related.
* GearVR Back button is working on both 4.20 and 4.19 branches!

I tried all forms of the Back Button: Android Back, Oculus Remote Back, Oculus Touchpad Back

I could also reproduce it using the GearVRController sample project: Oculus Source Engine Directory\Samples\Oculus\GearVRControllerSample
by adding the back button commands there.



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