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Our latest build upload appears to be stuck in some sort of Test Validation Loop?

RichardDavrRichardDavr Posts: 1
edited July 2018 in Store Submissions
The latest build that we uploaded to our Alpha Channel using the Command Line Utility seems to be stuck in some sort of Test Validation loop.

I triggered the upload around 5pm PST on Friday July 27th, and at 8am the following Monday (July 30th) our test partners indicated that they had not received it. Loading our Build Dashboard, I was able to see that the system acknowledged receipt of the new build at 7:50pm on Friday July 27th, but the Test Status field was displaying the text "Running" with a spinning progress icon. As far as I'm aware, we hadn't defined any automated tests to occur on upload, and in checking the Test Results, I received the following message, "Malware Review Test Results. This test is currently running."

Do you have any insight as to what might be going on here, or how to correct it?

Richard Drozdik, Evasion QA Lead
[email protected]

Tagged @imperativity as he seems to have solved this issue with someone else recently (and his sig file says to tag him for support assistance)
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