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Go App crashes depending on how long headset has been turned on

DigitalOvenVFXDigitalOvenVFX Posts: 1 Oculus Start Member
I developed a custom unity 360 video player app a while ago for Gear VR and then ported it to Go when it was released and have never had any issues. However, recently the App has started to completely freeze when I go to watch a video if the headset has been turned on for more than a few minutes. If I restart the headset, the app will work completely fine.

Has anyone run into any issues similar to this? I've gone through the logcat file when the app freezes and don't see anything that would cause the issue. Unfortunately, the bug is not 100% repeatable. Sometimes the app works completely fine for long periods of time and sometimes it will stop working if the headset is set down for just a few minutes.

I'm using Unity 2017.3 and the Go is on version



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