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Any suggestions?

daeyahdaeyah Posts: 14
Dear Brendan,
What does Fanbase VR entail?
Fanbase VR is based on fans of celebrities instead of uploading video's and posting photo's and selfies of celebrities what they do is use our server system and website and pages to upload photo's and video's.  However, they have to be unseen photo's and footages that fans will be lolling over to see.
Fanbase VR will charge $7.99  per dozen photo's per celebrity and $10 for video's.  It means 50% goes to celebrities so they receive $3.49 for photo's per fan and $5 for video's per fan.  The photo's and video's are released as private viewing via Fanbase VR head gear, per fan which means individual private viewings.  To assure that it is per fan per private viewings a thermostatic thumb or finger print device is attached to the head gear to assure the head circumference matches the thumb or finger print encoded from the beginning so that our celebrities are at ease that their photo's and video's are per fan/customer/client only.
What does this mean in Capital and revenue?
If 1 Million fans pay $7.99 each that means a total of almost $8,000 000, eight million generated and 50% of this revenue comes to Fanbase VR everytime a fan pays to view and its per fan per view.
This head gear also will have a sister company for Muslims.  Currently there are 30 million Muslim single men and women who use websites requiring photo's and video's of themselves.  Our sister company head gear will mean that women wearing veils and men who might be famous seeking for females to wear this head gear a and share images and footages for a fixed fee.  This means more men and women are likely to buy head gears to expose their face and their body in private viewings.  The same method applies such as Thermostatic thumb or finger prints and a sensor to measure the circumference of the head so that photo's and video's intended for private viewing stays private and hence we built a service where we as a company can be entrusted by Muslims, Jews, Christians and Hindu's. 
Thank you for reading my business proposal and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 
Kindest regards,
Future business partner,
Daeyah Schneider
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
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