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vr.PixelDensity 2 - distorting the view

zsmbvzsmbv Posts: 26
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Hello, I made an application for GearVR, I have jsut switched to S9 from S8, hoping to get a little better performance, evertything works great but I have one critical issue with vr.PixelDensity, whatever I put any number, it's distorting the image and stretching it.

Can you please have a look why it is happening, it's the same issue on both phones S8, S9, Android Orio 8.0



  • zsmbvzsmbv Posts: 26
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    I found Epic Wiki about VR commands and there are some new commands I did not know:

    vr.oculus.PixelDensity  - is it going to work with GearVR? I run custom github engine from Oculus Github.

  • zsmbvzsmbv Posts: 26
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    Neither of these settings are affecting the application on UE4.19 1.27 Oculus UE:
    Please help! No AA, no resolution imporvements! Why?
  • zsmbvzsmbv Posts: 26
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    Please fix it! The quality of the app in GearVR Samsung S9 is not that great without denser resolution!
  • zsmbvzsmbv Posts: 26
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    Has it been fixed yet? Just curious, because I going to get the project with GearVR soon
  • prokshitprokshit Posts: 11
    You can try updating them in the device profiles and see if that makes a difference.
  • zsmbvzsmbv Posts: 26
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    This is what worked for me in DefaultEngine.ini inside project folder:


    Thanks God I did it :D only works in 4.21, 4.20 and 4.19 could not make it work.

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