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develop games for RIFT OR GO ?

mauovernetmauovernet Posts: 34
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edited August 2018 in General Development
As a software developer.
How can I make my games and EDUCATONAL applications,
work, both in oculus Rift, and in oculus go ?

i mean , how develop same application for both devices ?

thanks for any help i will apreciate so much.


  • mauovernetmauovernet Posts: 34
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    any help ?
    any idea please ?
  • SlopeySlopey Posts: 46
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    Pretty simple really - if you're using Unity, build for the PC for the Rift.  And then change the platform to Android for the Go and deploy to that.  The only thing you'd need to worry about really would be the different controllers for Rift/Go, but again, that should be simple to swap out.
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