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How to get user's avatar profile picture


I've managed to obtain the user profile picture url with a S2S REST request following this thread. Is there a similar way to get the user's avatar profile picture? (I'm refering to the avatar picture that appears in the user profile)

Thanks in advance!


  • myBadStudiosmyBadStudios Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    Here's how I do it in Unity...

           Texture2D player_avatar;   
           void Start()
                    if ( XRSettings.loadedDeviceName == "Oculus" )
                        Entitlements.IsUserEntitledToApplication().OnComplete( EntitlementCallback );
            void EntitlementCallback( Message msg )
                if ( msg.IsError )
                    Debug.LogError( "You are NOT entitled to use this app." );
                    Users.GetLoggedInUser().OnComplete( GetLoggedInUserCallback );
            async void GetLoggedInUserCallback( Message message )
                    Avatar = Instantiate( Resources.Load("MyCustomPrefab"));
                    Avatar.StartWithControllers = true;
                    Avatar.oculusUserID = message.Data.ID.ToString();
                player_avatar = await FetchPlayerImage( message.Data.ImageURL );
            async Task FetchPlayerImage( string url )
                url = url.Trim();
                if ( !string.IsNullOrEmpty( url ) )
                    WWW w = new WWW( url );
                    while ( !w.isDone )
                        await Task.Delay( 100 );
                    if ( string.IsNullOrEmpty( w.error ) )
                        return w.texture;
                        Debug.LogWarning( w.error );
                return null;
  • RocketQueenRocketQueen Posts: 4

    I'll forward this to our platform SDK team and see if they can offer guidance on whether this is exposed behavior or road-mapped for the future.


    You can currently retrieve a user's avatar profile picture URI using this:


    and by using the below if you are still using older (deprecated) avatars:


    This worked for me! Thank you so much :)
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