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Link application: Something went wrong! . Oculus start. Oculus developer e-mail.

Nicolo.ZagoNicolo.Zago Posts: 22
Brain Burst
Good morning to everybody.

With this post I'd like to highlight the malfunction of a link present in the [email protected]
developer e-mail.

to apply for the application, the link bring's you to another page.
In this last one, You find the statement:

Something went wrong!

Sadly, you’ve reached a page that can’t be displayed.

We’ve logged this action, so we are aware there is an issue!

At this time, please hit your browser’s back button or simply close this page!

The incident ID is: 1820880398245397106.
Event id: 4726764672376998 .

Someone knows what this mean and what has happened?
I'd like to apply for the application but the link brings me there.

Does someone knows where I can apply for this or other applications?

thank you for the attention.

Best regards.

Nicolò Zago


  • Nicolo.ZagoNicolo.Zago Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    Thank You to You Imperativity for Your prompt answer.

    I've just applied.

    Now I attend. 
    May I ask You which is the average time for an answer?

    thank You again for the attention.

    Best regards.

    Nicolò Zago
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