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What happened to the NearStereoFarMono Unity sample?

OasisFirewallOasisFirewall Posts: 3 Oculus Start Member
The scene / prefabs and materials for the sample Mono Optimization seem to be missing from the Unity Sample Project 1.27 and up. Only the scripts and shader remain. I tried using the missing files from 1.25 in Unity 2018.2 but they dont work properly. The left eye works great but the right eye is offset slightly wrong and I cant seem to fix it. Could that be why the files have been removed from 1.27-1.28?

I've tried messing with the old files in all kinds of ways to try make it work, but ive only succeeded in making the problem worse... -_-

Might anyone have any insight on what happened to this rendering technique or better yet, how to get it working again?

Thanks :)


  • Heaney-555Heaney-555 Posts: 139
    Apparently with Single Pass Stereo there aren't much advantages to it anymore - it was a hack back in the Multi Pass days.
  • OasisFirewallOasisFirewall Posts: 3 Oculus Start Member
    With Monoscopic enabled a scene has half the amount of triangles and vertices. When theres lots of objects in the distance that still seems like a performance gain to me. Might you have any references links to info on Single Pass Stereo making a mono/stereo hybrid camera obsolete?
  • OasisFirewallOasisFirewall Posts: 3 Oculus Start Member
    Thanks for info. Are the conflicts likely to be resolved in the future?
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